Seven years of Irish rain

Tuesday has been the rainiest day of the past seven years according to data from Met Éireann.

An average of 4.97mm of rainfall has been recorded at Met Éireann’s 25 weather stations on Tuesdays, with a total of 1794mm recorded across the country between 1st January 2008 and 31st December 2014.

The driest day is Thursday, with an average of just 4.18mm and a total of 1510mm recorded in that time according to the available data.

The good news is that the two next driest days are the weekend; with Saturday seeing an average of 4.32mm and a total of 1559mm while Sunday is slightly higher with an average of 4.51mm and a total of 1630mm.

The wettest day of the past seven years was 6th September 2010 with an average of 31.24mm recorded at weather stations across the country on that day, including a high of 86.5mm at Knock Airport.

Rainfall for every day of the past seven years can be viewed on this interactive map.

The West and South-West of the country have seen the most rain, with Valentia Observatory in Kerry having recorded the most rain in the period, with a total of 11582mm although there was no data available yet for December 2014 for that station.

There was also no data available for December 2014 from Belmullet Automatic Weather Station, Malin Head AWS and Dublin Airport.

Next come Newport Automatic Weather Station, Knock Airport and Calremorris, all in Co. Mayo, with totals of 11200mm, 9628mm and 8829mm respectively.

Athenry Automatic Weather Station in Co. Galway also has a high average rainfall of 3.34mm per day but due to data only being available since 26th June 2011 for that station, it has the lowest recorded total rainfall of 3345mm.

Similarly, Gurteen Agri College in Tipperary only has data from 9th February 2008 and Finner Automatic Weather Station in Donegal only has data from 27th January 2011 due to a new weather station being installed there in November 2010.


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